Follow-up Session (45 Minutes) | $90

Holistic healthcare means considering each person as whole individual. Our resident Holistic Nutritionist, Brooke Hopfauf, offers the education, tools, and resources you need while guiding, supporting, and empowering you to reach your health and wellness goals through healthy nutrition.

Through one-on-one consultations, clients can expect to discuss their diet, lifestyle, relationships, stress, emotional health, mental health, and work. Brooke takes a functional approach to nutrition and works with her clients in a collaborative manner. She often brings suggestions to the table and asks clients for their input, preferences, and feedback on what is feasible for them.

"Health is not a one size fits all, nor an all or nothing. It’s really important for me to work with clients on realistic goals, steps, transitions, and what is going to work best for them long-term." 

Brooke’s specialties include digestive conditions including SIBO, IBS, food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, and autoimmune conditions such as IBD and Celiac Disease.