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Make Peace with Food for Women

  • NE Wellness 1224 2nd Street Northeast 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN, 55413 United States (map)

Make Peace with Food for Women

How to end the binge-restrict / yo-yo dieting cycle and restore your relationship to food, your body, and self

by Brittany Haga, MA, Food + Body Image Counselor 


(2 hour workshop, approx. 10-15 people)  $25

Each one of us has a unique relationship to food and our body. Somewhere along the course of life, that relationship may have become strained—a source of stress, confusion, maybe even war. We live in culture that promotes eating the “right” foods and avoiding the “bad” ones as an endeavor of high virtue. It is a culture that sets us up to have weight stigma, fear of fatness and shame around our food choices. Because of this, it’s very difficult not to develop some level of struggle with food and our bodies. Falling into a pattern of restricting and binging, chronic yo-yo dieting, having an incessant ‘food critic’ in our head, or believing we’re addicted to certain foods become all too common of experiences. You are not alone. 

Breaking free from these painful cycles and patterns is possible. Making peace with food is possible! The truth is, we are all born with the intuitive abilities to eat and move in ways that feel good. We don’t need an outside source to tell us the “right” way, the body will tell us if we give it a chance and remember how to trust it.

In a non-judgmental, supportive space come learn, connect and begin to explore the gentle, evidence-based approaches in which to restore your relationship with food, your body and yourself. 

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