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Sacred Geometry: Level 1

Sacred Geometry: Level 1

The art of Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe. It is a process of infusing matter with spirit. In this class you will learn about the building blocks of creation – the sphere, cube, and pyramid – and receive an energetic activation to bring these patterns more fully alive in your energy field. You will also be introduced to a technique to bring more light and positive energy into your space, creating energetic walls to protect and enhance the energy in the space.

By working with the energy of your space you can create a more peaceful and healthy environment. Many people find it easier to focus and relax in a space that has been activated.

In this class you will learn to:

- Awaken and invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, and sphere) within your body.
- Activate a room or a building, infusing the space with divine energy for improved energy, protection, and to assist you with your work in the space.
- Create a holy temple or sacred space for meditation and spiritual work.

These teachings have been handed down through an ancient unbroken lineage. This is the first level of Sacred Geometry studies within the Modern Mystery School, and a prerequisite for Healer's Academy training.

Note: To make the most of this class, a Life Activation session is recommended prior to attending. Contact for more information.

COST: $150


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INSTRUCTORS: Genevieve Wachutka & Alissa Gebeke

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