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Pranic Healing Level 1

  • NE Wellness 1224 2nd ST NE Minneapolis MN 55413 USA (map)

Pranic Healing is a modern energy healing modality founded by Master Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana, to harmonize our body. Our physical body is interpenetrated with prana, also called qi in Chinese, or ki in Japanese, which is a life-force energy that keeps our body alive and healthy.

Practitioners of Pranic Healing are trained to sense the subtle imbalances within the biofield (aura) of a person, which is called scanning. Using their hands to sweep away congestion, or to project fresh prana into areas that are depleted, they can correct the imbalance within the energy body so our physical body can follow through with a healing process. It is understood in Pranic Healing that our physical body follows the mold of our energy body, so when we make corrections to the energy body, our physical body can heal itself more effectively.

This pranic energy that surrounds our body can also affect our thoughts and emotions, our ability to deal with stress, and our relationships. At first glance, Pranic Healing appears to be an energy healing modality, but in reality is a shift in lifestyle once we are aware of the subtle energies around us. Master Choa Kok Sui advocated for healthy lifestyle grounded in meditation, self healing, and positive actions.

Pranic Healing is a complementary practice, and is not intended to replace standard medicine.

The class is broken down into 5 modules over the 2 days. Each portion will have a lecture explaining the theory and then we practice the techniques on one another. So not only do you learn how to heal others, but you receive healing the whole weekend by virtue of practicing it. We start with the basics and work our way gradually to the point where you will know how to do a full protocol on your own. Even someone who is not sensitive to feeling energy can follow the step by step protocol for the various diseases.

In addition to learning how to heal friends and family, you learn self healing, distant healing, and other breathing techniques and exercises to enhance the quantity and quality of prana/qi/ki/vital energy in your body. Prana (hence Pranic Healing) is the name for lifeforce energy in India.

Class is held Saturday Dec 1 and Sunday Dec 1 from 9am-6pm both days. Students are expected to attend both dates. 

Cost: $325