Sweat to Your Health

At NE Wellness, we have three Clearlight Far Infrared Saunas available for use every day of the week. These saunas make use of both the visible and invisible aspects of sunlight to warm your body to the core. Sauna health benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism

  • Muscle and joint pain relief

  • Improved immune system

  • Removed toxins

  • Reduced stress and fatigue

  • Clearer skin

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Pay As You Go  |  $45
Add-a-friend  |  $10
Towel Service | $5
5 sessions package  |  $125
10 sessions package  |  $200
20 sessions package  |  $360
30 sessions package  |  $480
Sauna Monthly Membership

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In some cases, your wellness plan may include a series of treatments over a short period of time. In these cases, a membership is the most affordable option.