Integrative Health Coaching is the art and science of behavior change, personal growth, and expansion. The science is grounded in research from diverse fields and disciplines about how humans make real, meaningful, and sustained change (hint: it’s not about fear, guilt, shame, or sheer willpower). Theory and practice from positive psychology, neuroscience, addiction counseling, nursing, holistic medicine, peace and conflict studies, quantum physics (and more) inform the structure and spirit of Integrative Health Coaching sessions. Small, realistic action steps in the short term lay the neural pathways required to create new ways of being in the long term. States of deep relaxation, metaphor and imagery, self-compassion, and focus on strengths and values are the “inner pharmacy” that allow our brains to access the expanded perspective that enables growth and change. 

The art of Integrative Health Coaching is experienced as an intuitive flow state cultivated in each session, guiding you toward unlocking your inner wisdom. Mindfulness practices, powerful questions and reflections, movement, guided imagery and meditation, writing, and art can be used to bring you closer to the still voice within you that knows just what you need now, and next. Integrative Health Coaching holds that this inner knowing is the most potent source of our health and wellbeing.  While coaching generally follows a basic structure (you choose your focus, the coach guides you through a centering and exploration process, and you leave with an action plan or intention of your choosing), the art of coaching ensures that each Integrative Health Coaching session is as unique, creative, and dynamic as you are. 

While coaching is more traditionally done regularly over a period of around three months, many people find that just a few sessions (or even one!) bring the clarity and motivation they are seeking. 



60 min: $80

Pack of 3: $210

Pack of 6: $390

Pack of 12: $720

30 min: $45

Pack of 3: $120

Pack of 6: $210

Pack of 12: $360

90 min: $110

Pack of 3: $315

Pack of 6: $600

Pack of 12: $1140