Your initial visit with Dr. Wilder will be focused on reviewing your personal medical history. She uses this visit to create a biography of your life and establish a clear view of your health history. During this visit she will perform an in-depth intake, and physical exam. She may recommend additional blood work to be ordered to get the data we need to create a comprehensive overview of your health, how your biochemistry may be affecting your current symptoms, and focus our treatments to obtain maximal results. From there we create a plan based on our needs that may include diet, lifestyle, natural supplements, botanical medicines, or other therapeutic services.


Follow-up visits with Dr. Wilder will be to further detail your health history, review lab testing, and check in on how you are feeling after following your care plan.


This 96 foods package includes testing and a 20-minute consult with Dr. Wilder for interpretation and personalized gut healing protocol. Identification of delayed reactions to foods can be difficult since symptoms may take place up to 72 hours after ingestion. By testing your immune reaction to foods in your blood, you can take the guesswork out of finding the offending foods, and get back on your way to feeling better.

Upgrade to 184 foods for $265  to further breaks down Dairy, Meat, Seafoods, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Legumes, Nuts and Nightshades amongst others. highly recommended to sufferers of GI distress, skin issues, migraine sufferers and asthma.


This package includes testing and a 20-minute consult with Dr. Wilder for interpretation and genomic counseling. MTHFR is the enzyme required to activate a vitamin called folate, and further support pathways that create your brain neurotransmitters, support your antioxidant/detoxification pathways, and much more. Scientists are linking genetic defects of this MTHFR enzyme to conditions such as fibromyalgia, infertility, recurrent miscarriages, cardiovascular disease, migraines, strokes, depression, schizophrenia, amongst others. If you’re suffering from these disorders, or are just curious about your status, this package is a great place to start!


This package includes testing and a 20-minute consultation with Dr. Wilder for interpretation and personalized gut healing protocol and genomic counseling. Celiac disease has many causes and depends on genetic, immunological and environmental factors for its development. Research is showing that a larger amount of the population may have a sensitivity to gluten, and not qualify for the full diagnosis of Celiac disease. This package includes tests for antibody levels against your gut tissues, and is the next best test (as opposed to invasive biopsy) to evaluate your reaction to gluten & wheats. Package also include genetic markers that research has shown were identified in 98.4% of patients with a diagnosis of Celiac Disease.



New | 90 minutes  |  $250
Return | 60 minutes  |  $160
Return | 30 minutes  |  $80
Food Allergy Panel  |  $165
Genetic Testing  |  $115
Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity Screening    $235

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