Rehabilitative, neuromuscular and trigger point therapy techniques are combined in this massage treatment to address acute and chronic pain as a result of injury, trauma, overuse, adaptation, and compensatory factors by layering into soft tissue using specific techniques to identify areas of imbalance with the intention of diminishing symptoms. Fascial work – a method intended to release unbalanced fascia or connective tissue – can be incorporated at the start of a session. Specific work can also be applied to scars and scar tissue when requested.

Intra-oral work is a specific neuromuscular treatment that addresses symptoms associated with Temporomandibular Joint disorders (TMJD), Tinnitus, jaw tension, trigger points, and specific headache patterns. The NMT therapist uses latex-free gloves to treat intra-oral tissue. Intra-oral work is not intended to substitute medical dentistry.



30 minute  |  $45
60 minute  |  $75
90 minute  |  $105
3 pack | 60 minute  |  $180
3 pack | 90 minute  |  $285