Clare Gardner Nieto


Clare uses a mix of Western herbalism and flower essence therapy to approach healing from a full mind-body perspective, addressing both the symptoms and the root causes. Each person has their own unique mental and physical history as well as genetic makeup, so Clare focuses on the individual as a whole rather than solely on the symptoms, as symptoms are really just an outward manifestation of imbalance in the body or mind. During a session, Clare gathers as full a picture of her client as possible and uses pulse testing in order to match that person with the remedies that will support their journey to restoration. As the remedies are meant to help your system regain its natural ability to support your health, Clare’s ultimate goal is for you to have regained such a level of balance that you no longer need the remedies for support.

Clare has studied flower essence therapy with Martin Bulgerin in Minneapolis and the Flower Essence Society in California and Western herbalism with Lise Wolff and Matthew Wood. Before following her passion in helping others to heal, Clare worked in many different fields including photography, stage management, marketing, and project management for web development, so she fully understands the stresses and demands that today’s world places on both body and mind. With her change of careers, she rediscovered the pleasure of balance in life and enjoys hanging out with her husband and two cats, digging around in her garden, teaching herb and flower essence classes, foraging for edible plants and mushrooms, and photographing the world around her.

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