Mela Amara, CMT

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Mela Amara began her healing career as a Zen Shiatsu therapist in 1998 and has deepened her healing practice over the years by receiving trainings and certifications in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic massage, and most recently: Cranio-Sacral Massage from the Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Mela has created her own massage form that she called Integrative Intuitive Massage, that utilizes and incorporates all the healing modalities she has acquired over the years. Creating safe space for a person to experience the healing they ready for, Mela slowly soothes her customers so they may have a transformational healing experience. Mela feels honored to be able to take part in the Healing Journey that we are all on.

In her free time, Mela enjoys being a conscious Creator, reading mind-expanding books, playing with her big fluffy dog, doing yoga, and generally frolicking for Fun.

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